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Permanent jobs

Limbourg & Partners fills your permanent positions by means of recruitment and selection of the right professionals. Our main aim is to identify the right candidate for the job. We look for a qualified person with the right attitude, competences, personality, behaviour, and experience, who matches your organization on all fronts. It is our responsibility to find this person for you.

Understanding the position

Our recruitment consultants would like to know everything about you. We are not only interested in what kind of employee you are looking for, but also in the reasons for your search. We are interested in why things are the way they are. At what point is your organization now, where do you see it in the future, and what is needed to achieve goals? Our recruitment consultants need the answers not only to select the right candidate but also to inform potentially interested candidates.

Recruitment and selection process

We have our own and unique way of working, but we are always open and transparent towards our clients and candidates. The recruitment and selection process starts with a thorough analysis. We analyse the employment range and zoom in on the field of business you act in, organization, departments, and positions. This way, we really get to know you and are able to become your ambassador and an extension piece of your organization.

Are you looking for the right professional for a permanent job within your organization? Please contact one of our recruitment consultants. They would be glad to make you a suitable offer.

Ask our recruitment consultant a question.

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