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Temporary issues

Are you working increasingly on project basis in order to address temporary issues, but do you lack the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise? In that case, you can make use of project sourcing, a flexible form of recruitment for temporary issues. This will give you the opportunity to have your projects executed by external specialists and leave you free to focus on your core business.

Project professionals

You need professionals with expertise, because you have to flexibly bring in extra skills, knowhow, and capacity. Your projects often require specific expertise, in the short or in the long run. Project sourcing allows you to hire project professionals where and when you need them.

The advantages of project sourcing

  • Experts in the field
    Our highly educated project professionals are very experienced, which allows them to easily adapt to the level of your organization
  • Flexible and independent
    We offer professionals who are used to working on a project basis and easily adapt to new working environments
  • Added value
    Our highly qualified experts will make a real difference in your organization
  • Specific expertise
    We will bring your organization the expertise it lacks but which is beneficial to its development
  • Results-oriented
    We offer specialists for temporary projects who care about the result of your project

Are you looking for project professionals with specific expertise to take on temporary issues? Please contact one of our recruitment consultants. They would be glad to make you a suitable offer.

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