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As an executive search agency, we specialize in the recruitment and selection of highly educated professionals (i.e. university or other higher professional education levels) and the mediation between them and our clients. We do this at a regional, national, and international level. Our recruitment consultants offer recruitment expertise within various fields, disciplines, and positions for the private sector as well as the public domain.

Fields, disciplines, and positions

Policy & Management

Positions of final responsibility at directorial and management levels: General Director, General Manager, and Operations Director.

Finance & Control

General and specialist positions: Finance Manager, Financial Controller, Financial Analyst, Business Controller, Business Analyst, Planning & Control Manager, Risk Manager, Auditor, Compliance Officer, and Accountant.

Information management & IT

General and specialist positions: Industrial Automation Manager, Information & Data Management Manager, Industrial Automation Service Engineer, Industry Project Manager, and Software Engineer.


General and specialist positions: Purchasing Manager, Contract Manager, and Procurement Manager

Logistics, Supply Chain & Facilities

Responsible positions: Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Analyst, Distribution Manager, Warehouse Manager, and Facilities Manager.

Marketing, Communication & Sales

General and specialist positions: Marketing Manager, Communication Manager, Sales Manager, Online Specialist, Employer Branding Specialist, Product Manager, Brand Manager, and Commercial Director.

Personnel & Organization

Responsible, supporting, and specialist positions: HR Director, HR Manager, HR Advisor, Recruiter, Mobility Manager, Compensation & Benefits specialist, and HR Office Manager.

Production & Technology

Responsible and senior positions Project Manager, Production Manager, Team Manager Production, and Manager Operations.

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