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The right match

Limbourg & Partners knows how to correctly evaluate whether a client and candidate are a good match. We do this by translating your wishes into demands and personal requirements relevant to the position. This is how the ideal personal profile is created. Our approach is all about the chemistry, as well as establishing whether there is a ‘gap’. This can only be done by critically evaluating the match between both parties. Our approach consists of four methods:

File Search

The File Search entails the selection of the most suitable candidates from our Search & Talent Base according to the type of your job profile. Candidates are tested by means of an assessment or capacity test, and only the best are selected for you. This is a quick and thorough approach that results in a high success rate and low risk of early departure. In other words: we provide a good match.

 Advertised Search

The Advertised Search offers you professional support: making your job offer into a vacancy, designing the layout, deciding where to place or post it, and which media to use. The most suitable candidates are then introduced to you as part of our recruitment and selection procedure.

Direct Search

The Direct Search – also called headhunting – investigates the degree to which potential candidates are ready for new career opportunities. Before we start this search, we define our field of work together with our clients. In some cases, the Direct Search is the preferred and most effective method of recruitment.

Network Search

The Network Search makes optimal use of our network in order to attract new potential candidates and introduce them to you.

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Ask our recruitment consultant a question.

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