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Interim jobs

In some cases, your organization temporarily needs extra professionals in the form of replacements, due to a reorganization or for another reason. You might be looking for particular expertise or looking to fill an important directorial or management position. In such cases, interim management offers a temporary solution. Our Consultants specialized in Interim positions are here to make a correct estimate of your interim job and a thorough selection of a fitting interim manager.

Interim managers

The power of Limbourg & Partners interim managers lies in their objective view, experience, specialist knowledge, and results-driven approach. Our interim recruiters give you direct access to these highly qualified professionals with profiles that fit your requirements.

The advantages of interim management

  • Available fast
    Our networks enable us to offer you suitable candidates within a short period of time
  • Extensive experience within a specific area of work
    We can offer you capable managers with directly applicable, specialist knowledge who quickly adapt to new working environments
  • Guaranteed results
    Our interim managers are professionals with a proven track record, used to working under pressure
  • Transfer of knowledge
    Our interim managers transfer their vast amount of knowledge and skills to other staff members
  • Objective outsiders
    Our interim managers have an eye for the work ethics within an organization, but are not bound by the organization’s politics or habits
  • Goal-oriented
    Our interim managers get specific KPI’s by which their achievements can be measured

Do you have an interim job vacancy and are you looking for the right manager to fill it? Please contact one of our interim recruiters. They would be glad to make you a suitable offer.

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