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Recruitment and selection procedure

The combination of your personal profile, the job profile, our recruitment and selection procedure, and professional eye means we are able to choose candidates who are perfectly suited to the needs of our clients. This is an approach that creates added value for both you and our client. We strive for a strong increase in overall efficiency, not only of the employers, but also of you as the employee.

Recruitment and selection method

Our recruitment and selection method consists of four steps:

  • Making an inventory: we determine the most suitable personal profile for the job profile in question.
  • Recruitment and selection: we search for suitable candidates and interview them.
  • Guidance: we help and support our candidates during the job application procedure with our client.
  • Finalizing: we advise our client on the terms of employment, etc.

First impressions are very important to us during interviews. Sensitivity, experience, and empathy play a big role when selecting our candidates. Needless to say, we also examine our client. We look at the working environment, analyse the organization, and talk to its members: not just the management, but also the employers of the organization. This way, we know precisely which personal characteristics to focus on when examining our candidates. In order to be consistent, we do this methodologically. Our communication is open and transparent in both directions. We are honest and sincere, which prevents unexpected situations.

Candidate experience

During the recruitment and selection procedure, we guide our candidates to the best of our ability. It is important to us to achieve the ultimate candidate experience. After all, positive experiences create continuity and that is what we strive for.

Ask our recruitment consultant a question.

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